The 12 Greatest Leg Workouts for CrossFitters for Sturdy, Highly effective Legs

For a lot of athletes, being a CrossFitter is about group health. It means exhibiting up at your field, having the WOD (exercise of the day) defined to you by a coach, and getting after it together with your fellow fitness center members. You’ll get stronger fairly shortly, however you gained’t essentially be designing your personal exercises.

However you could be trying to complement your WODs — or do CrossFit exercises at house or in your storage fitness center — with strength-building workout routines. Particularly, CrossFitters want robust, highly effective legs to maintain up with every little thing from chippers to ladders and every little thing in between.

Right here, you’ll discover one of the best leg workout routines for CrossFitters to spice up their decrease physique energy, energy, and endurance. Your WODs will thanks for the accent work.

Greatest Leg Workouts for CrossFitters

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Why Ought to CrossFitters Practice Their Legs?

Usually talking, when you contemplate your self a CrossFitter, your legs endure quite a lot of hammering out of your regularly-scheduled WODs. Certain sufficient, these intensive exercises — from Murph throughout the well-known CrossFit Complete — are by no means in need of leg-burning sensations.

However if you wish to get higher at your sport, you would possibly wish to contemplate giving your legs a bit additional love. The secret in CrossFit is endurance. Sure, you must be robust. Sure, you’ll often develop a stable quantity of muscle. However greater than something, that you must have the psychological and bodily endurance to push previous muscular fatigue and even ache.

When your WOD is pushing your legs to the restrict, it’ll assist to have extra typically highly effective legs and a better work capability. The stronger you make your decrease physique exterior of your WODs, the more durable you’ll have the ability to push when it counts. Identical to you’re employed your core to enhance the standard and energy of your huge lifts, that you must prepare your legs for the larger image.

And it’s not nearly getting stronger. Enhance your kind by racking up apply reps exterior the high-pressure surroundings of a timed WOD. Leg workout routines may also help you enhance on any technical weaknesses or lagging muscle teams so you may come again to your WODs able to crush no matter’s put in entrance of you.

This doesn’t should imply pushing your self to the max with every leg train you do. Take into account integrating additional leg coaching quantity into your cool-downs, warm-ups, and even energetic restoration days. You may additionally select to swap out a day or two of going arduous in your WODs to focus solely in your legs as an alternative.

Leg Workouts for CrossFitters

You’ll get loads of leg work in throughout your WODs, however that doesn’t imply you may’t profit from a bit additional decrease physique quantity on the aspect. You’ll discover the leg workout routines for CrossFitters listed under to be acquainted staples from basic CrossFit exercises. Separate them out to apply perfecting your kind, including leg energy, or enhancing weaknesses.

Again Squat

Whereas many powerlifters choose to emphasise the low bar again squat of their programming, CrossFitters could as an alternative go for the excessive bar again squat. This model nonetheless lets you load up extraordinarily heavy, however the excessive bar squat is extra immediately relevant to the weightlifting-style actions which are so frequent in CrossFit.

That stated, whichever type of the again squat you select, know that sure WODs will name on you to carry your all to the ground in only one rep. The CrossFit Complete, for instance, may have you discover your one-rep max for the again squat (and the shoulder press and deadlift).

Advantages of the Again Squat

The king of leg workout routines, the again squat will construct total-body energy with a hefty emphasis in your decrease physique.

You’ll must construct super higher again energy to drag this elevate off, particularly when you’re choosing a low bar again squat.

Excessive bar again squats translate into elevated energy in your Olympic lifts.

The way to Do the Again Squat

To carry out a excessive bar again squat, step underneath the barbell and relaxation it in your traps. Take a stable grasp of the bar together with your palms, retaining your elbows down and tight. Exhale all of your air, brace your core, then take an enormous inhale. Arise with the bar in your again and stroll the bar out. Reestablish your footing and core brace as wanted.

Sink right into a squat. Preserve the bar path immediately above your midfoot. As soon as your thighs break parallel, push by way of your toes to return again as much as standing.

Entrance Squat

The entrance squat is a basic squat variation that may assist elevate your squat recreation to a complete new degree. By holding the barbell in a front-rack place, you’re inserting extra emphasis onyour core all through the motion. You’ll even be emphasizing your quads. Each are important for profitable CrossFitters.

The entrance squat makes up the underside part of cleans and thrusters, which makes it a key part to so many CrossFit exercises. This elevate can also be itself a variation that you just usually should carry out in WODs. It pays to get very comfy on this typically awkward place.

Advantages of the Entrance Squat

The energy and postural integrity you develop with this elevate will immediately switch into your Olympic elevate energy and energy.

This transfer builds your complete decrease physique, with an emphasis in your quads and core.

You’ll usually carry out entrance squats to your WODs, in addition to strikes like front-rack lunges.

The way to Do the Entrance Squat

Clear the bar right into a entrance rack place. Alternatively, step underneath the bar and sweep your elbows up and out in entrance of you. Place your fingertips underneath the bar at shoulder width. Relaxation the barbell in your entrance delts, retaining it considerably in opposition to your neck. It’s regular for this place to be uncomfortable, particularly at first.

Sink right into a squat, retaining your elbows excessive and pointed away from you the whole time. Keep an upright torso. Preserve the bar path above your midfoot. As soon as your thighs break parallel, push the bottom away together with your toes and are available again to standing.

Overhead Squat

The overhead squat can also be a elevate you’ll see in lots of CrossFit exercises of the day. Usually, you’ll see this transfer programmed with a comparatively gentle weight at excessive reps, that means that you just’ll must get extraordinarily comfy with the mobility and energy necessities of this elevate.

An enormous advantage of including the overhead squat to your CrossFit leg coaching is approach. This can be a significantly troublesome elevate to grasp as a result of it requires a lot hip, ankle, shoulder, and thoracic mobility. It’s additionally the underside part of the snatch, so it’s one thing you’ll wish to get very robust and safe in.

Advantages of the Overhead Squat

Working towards the overhead squat is certain to make your snatch a complete lot stronger, as this transfer contains the underside portion of that complicated motion.

You’ll develop an amazing quantity of mobility in your hips, ankles, shoulders, and thoracic backbone.

This transfer is present in quite a lot of CrossFit WODs, making it a tremendously necessary leg and back-building transfer to apply.

The way to Do the Overhead Squat

In case your snatch approach is on level, snatch the bar overhead. When you want a much less energetically and technically demanding option to start, get underneath the bar within the squat rack. Take a snatch grip on the bar. Unrack it, set up a robust decrease physique place, then push press it off your traps and right into a snatch place overhead.

With the bar above your head and your elbows locked out, squat down. Keep your stability. Once you attain the underside of the squat, press by way of your toes and thru your palms to face up. Repeat for reps.


The thruster is a favourite of many CrossFitters and a sworn enemy of others. This complicated motion entails sinking right into a entrance squat after which seamlessly transitioning into an overhead press as you come into standing.

Your toes will keep in the identical place the entire time, and the thought is usually that you just’ll carry out this transfer for prime reps. This recruits an amazing quantity of power and muscle mass out of your complete physique. However the principal drivers listed here are — you guessed it — your legs.

Advantages of the Thruster

This can be a basic train discovered in lots of CrossFit WODs, so working towards your approach and constructing your energy right here is crucial.

The thruster builds your decrease physique whereas additionally growing unbelievable higher physique energy and endurance.

You’ll get in an intense cardio exercise from thrusters because you’ll be recruiting muscle mass from throughout your physique in such an explosive approach.

The way to Do the Thruster

Get right into a entrance squat place. Sink right into a entrance squat. Explode up out of the squat, utilizing your leg drive to ship the bar up and overhead in a push press. Catch the bar again in a entrance rack place and instantly transition again down right into a squat. Repeat for reps.


The deadlift goes to be a staple elevate for nearly any energy athlete. Most athletes must grasp a robust, highly effective hip hinge to achieve their sports activities. CrossFit is not any exception.

Typically, you’ll discover high-rep deadlifts in a CrossFit exercise, whereas different instances you’ll be pushing it to your max weight. Whichever kind of deadlifting you come throughout, you’ve bought to apply the elevate itself to set your self up for fulfillment.

Advantages of the Deadlift

The way to Do the Deadlift

Step as much as a loaded barbell together with your toes roughly hip-width aside in order that your shoelaces are beneath the bar. Hinge at your hips and bend your knees till your shins are touching the bar. Grasp the bar simply exterior your legs with the deadlift grip of your alternative. CrossFitters could favor a double overhand grip or hook grip.

Activate your lats by pulling your shouldersback and down. Exhale all of your breath, brace your core, and take a giant inhale. Press the ground away together with your toes, dragging the bar up alongside your shins till you’re standing together with your hips locked out. Repeat for reps.

Pistol Squat

The only-leg squat — popularly known as a pistol squat — is an amazing take a look at of unilateral leg energy, stability, coordination, and even core energy. You must tick quite a lot of packing containers to carry out even one profitable rep and replicate it on each side.

Can’t do a pistol squat but? That’s the place modifications are available. You may seize a weight bench or a plyo field and carry out field pistol squats. You too can stand on prime of a plyo field and use one leg to sink down right into a squat whereas the opposite hangs free off the aspect.

Or, carry out pistol squats whereas holding onto TRX bands or robust resistance bands to maintain you steady and help your elevate. Both approach, you’ll be constructing unilateral energy and approach as you construct as much as your first pistol squat.

Advantages of the Pistol Squat

The one-legged squat develops an amazing quantity of leg energy, significantly in your quads and glutes.

You’ll develop a unprecedented quantity of stability, core energy, and full-body management by conquering this body weight squat variation.

This transfer will assist iron out any energy imbalances between your legs very quickly.

The way to Do the Pistol Squat

Set your self as much as carry out a body weight squat. Brace your core and prolong your arms out in entrance of you. Root by way of the bottom with one leg and prolong the opposite out in entrance of you. Sink down right into a one-legged squat, sustaining your stability. When you attain the underside place, push up by way of your leg till you come again to standing.

Strolling Lunge

Strolling lunges are the bane of many lifters’ existence. However if you wish to be a CrossFitter, they’re a needed evil — or pleasure, when you like that form of factor.

You’ll wish to use as many variations of this transfer as you may combine into your program. Carry out overhead strolling lunges and front-rack strolling lunges as commonly as your energy, mobility, and coordination permit.

Advantages of the Strolling Lunge

Variations of the strolling lunge are discovered fairly often in CrossFit WODs, so giving your self the chance to apply offers you a aggressive edge.

The strolling lunge develops an amazing quantity of unilateral leg energy, which retains your energy and muscle mass balanced on each side of your physique.

This transfer calls for an excessive amount of hip mobility, particularly once you take your again knee all the way in which to the bottom with every rep.

The way to Do the Strolling Lunge

Carry out this transfer together with your physique weight or with free weights held at your sides, overhead, or in entrance rack place. Take a step ahead, large enough that your knees will each attain 90 levels once you bend them. Keep away from stepping thus far that your again leg will be unable to succeed in the bottom by the point your entrance leg reaches 90 levels.

When your again knee touches the bottom, stand again up. Take one other step ahead instantly, or briefly pause with each toes beneath you earlier than going once more.

Wall Ball

The dreaded CrossFit WOD Karen consists of just one motion — 150 wall ball photographs for time. Even at an elite degree, there are only a few WODs that can go away you as sore as this torturous leg day to finish all leg days.

Even when you’re not tackling Karen, studying to excellent wall balls will construct an amazing quantity of leg energy and psychological toughness. You’ll get a stable higher physique and conditioning exercise within the combine, too.

Advantages of the Wall Ball

This explosive train will develop energy all throughout your physique, taxing your legs and higher physique abruptly.

You’ll get in a particularly efficient conditioning exercise any time you carry out this transfer.

Wall balls are discovered in lots of basic CrossFit WODs, so growing energy and ability right here will serve you properly.

The way to Do the Wall Ball

Stand in entrance of a wall or a rig with a wall ball goal. Maintain a drugs ball in each palms at chest top. Sink right into a squat. Explosively stand again up, utilizing your leg drive that will help you toss the ball both on the wall above your head or on the wall ball goal. Catch the ball with each palms and instantly return right into a squat. Repeat for reps.

Field Leap

The field leap is without doubt one of the most recognizable elements of a CrossFit WOD. From common field leap overs to burpee field leap overs, the field leap is the core part of many superior variations.

This transfer can also be fairly superior all by itself. You’ll construct energy and energy all through your decrease physique. This energy will come in useful once you’re nearing the tip of a protracted, painful WOD and that you must preserve leaping.

Advantages of the Field Leap

This transfer is discovered in lots of CrossFit WODs, so build up the talents, energy, and endurance that you must pull this off will come in useful.

The field leap is a power-building transfer that will even assist you to construct leg muscle and energy.

Performing the field leap will assist you to progressto superior variations to develop your decrease physique’s explosive energy even additional.

The way to Do the Field Leap

Arrange a plyo field in entrance of you. Sink into an air squat together with your arms sweeping again behind you. Swing your arms up and in entrance of you as you squat up explosively, utilizing the momentum to leap up onto the field. Land softly with each toes. Step or hop down and repeat.

Double Beneath

Leaping rope isn’t only for youngsters or boxers. There’s a motive CrossFit packing containers have their choose of leap ropes together with greater ticket objects like energy racks and rowing machines. The common-or-garden leap rope can yield not-so-humble outcomes with strikes just like the double underneath.

With this transfer, the rope shall be passing underneath your toes twice per rotation. This can be a tremendously troublesome transfer to perform. Studying to take action will problem your coordination and conditioning abruptly. You’ll additionally construct up loads of calf energy within the course of.

Advantages of the Double Beneath

Working towards this technically troublesome and bodily demanding transfer is a should for CrossFitters, who will usually see this present up in high-intensity WODs.

You’ll develop an amazing quantity of calf energy by way of this transfer, immediately coaching part of your physique that’s usually neglected.

Double unders will tax your cardiovascular system tremendously, constructing your cardiovascular endurance and tolerance for performing technically demanding work underneath strain.

The way to Do the Double Beneath

Utilizing a pace rope, heat up your toes and wrists with a couple of single unders if needed. Preserve your elbows near your physique and maintain the handles at roughly a 45-degree angle. Leap greater than that you must when performing single unders. Move the rope underneath your toes twice earlier than touchdown.

Sled Push

Bench urgent isn’t the one option to push heavy weight. With the sled push, you may load up a sled with something from weight plates or bumper plates to dumbbells or kettlebells. After which… you push.

The sled push is a flexible transfer that you need to use to complete your legs off after an intense session. Alternatively, you may program sled pushes for energetic restoration days, because the concentric contractions may also help your muscle groups get better from intense exercise.

Advantages of the Sled Push

Many variations of this transfer are discovered all through CrossFit exercises, so growing the right approach and energy is important.

The sled push develops quite a lot of decrease physique energy, endurance, and energy abruptly.

You may deploy sled pushes so as to add some selection and conditioning to your energetic restoration days.

The way to Do the Sled Push

Grasp the handles of the sled together with your arms prolonged, however preserve your elbows bent. Sustaining the identical arm angle all through your push, drive your legs into the bottom and shove the implement ahead. Preserve your torso at an angle and be sure to’re respiration all through your allotted time or distance.

Sled Pull

The cousin of the sled push, the sled pull goes to tax you mentally and bodily — but it surely’s an incredible possibility for constructing your complete posterior chain. Just like the sled push, a variation of this transfer will sometimes rear its head in your native field or on the CrossFit Video games themselves.

To arrange for as many sorts of sled pulls as potential, choose to maintain your coaching various. Hand-over-hand pulls will emphasize your higher again whereas retaining your decrease physique kind of isometrically braced. However backward sled pulls and forward-facing sled pulls will immediately problem your decrease physique and cardiovascular system.

Advantages of the Sled Pull

Variations of this transfer are additionally discovered in numerous WODs, so it helps to get conversant in the calls for and customized methods you need to use.

Decrease physique pulling is an usually neglected facet of coaching, particularly once you’re pondering past deadlift variations.

Sled pulls are extraordinarily demanding in your full physique, together with your cardiovascular system.

The way to Do the Sled Pull

There are numerous alternative ways to carry out a sled pull. One frequent technique is to safe a battle rope round a weighted sled and maintain every deal with in your palms whereas going through the sled. Brace your core and lean again barely. Retaining your higher again regular and your palms close to your waist, stroll backward for the prescribed period of time or distance.

The way to Program CrossFit Leg Workouts

Including extra leg work to your CrossFit repertoire may also help you in quite a lot of methods. You could be trying to increase your energy, or perhaps simply enhance these kind imperfections in your overhead squat or double unders. Regardless of the case could also be, right here’s work leg workout routines into your routine.


It’s not essential to go additional arduous together with your leg exercises. As a CrossFitter, you’re already giving your self quite a lot of arduous and heavy decrease physique quantity together with your normal WODs. You don’t essentially want — or need — so as to add extra full coaching periods to your week.

As a substitute, attempt to combine body weight or very gentle variations of sure leg workout routines into your warm-ups. Strolling lunges areparticularly nice for mobilizing your hips, which could be a big asset to your upcoming exercise. Overhead squats with a resistance band or an empty barbell will equally get you prepared for a heavy, leg-focused WOD.


Your cool-down isn’t the place so as to add a complete lot of intensive coaching quantity. However including a finisher to your exercise is a basic option to increase coaching depth and pack in a complete lot of quantity in a small period of time.

Take into account including a leg-intensive finisher to the again finish of your WOD. This fashion, you’ll be giving nearly all of your power to the principle course of your exercise. You’ll nonetheless get to tack on leg-specific quantity that will help you construct muscle, endurance, and energy — but it surely gained’t take power away out of your WOD.

Swap Out Some WODs

Since WODs are sometimes extraordinarily intensive, you won’t have the capability so as to add any further leg work to your program. But when an absence of ample leg energy is inflicting you to plateau, you would possibly contemplate swapping out one or two WODs per week in favor of leg-focused energy coaching.

By switching a WOD for a extra conventional leg day, you’ll give your physique an opportunity to concentrate on getting your legs stronger for the following huge effort. Stepping again to kind that foundation of energy or energy might be useful in the long term towards making you a greater CrossFitter.

CrossFit Leg Coaching Suggestions

When you’re going so as to add leg-specific coaching into your CrossFit repertoire, be sure to’re doing it proper. Try the following tips for coaching that leg energy with out unintentionally doing extra hurt than good.

Use Tempo Coaching

Usually talking, CrossFit exercises may have you shifting extra quick and livid than gradual and regular. Sure, shifting steadily and pacing your self is usually an enormous a part of the technique of CrossFit. Nonetheless, there’s a distinction between strategic pacing and shifting bodily slowly.

Nevertheless, you would possibly wish to decelerate your reps to organize your physique for that immense time underneath stress you’ll spend throughout longer WODs. You may combine pause reps, 1 ½ reps, and even pace reps to govern your tempo throughout leg exercises. All of this may assist spur leg muscle progress and energy — in flip, that every one will assist throughout your programming.

Permit for Restoration

It’s straightforward to get caught up within the by no means give up perspective of CrossFit and push your self too arduous. Ensure you’re placing sufficient emphasis on restoration to make sure you could proceed making progress in your sport. This entails consuming and sleeping sufficient whereas ensuring you’re dedicated to mobility coaching and programming each relaxation days and energetic restoration days.

Including additional leg work to the combo could be tempting if that you must bump up your leg energy and endurance to enhance your chipper time. However you continue to should be sure to’re recovering between periods.

To consolidate your restoration, contemplate including your additional leg coaching proper after your WOD as a finisher as an alternative of attempting to stack it onto one other day when your legs are already sore. You too can combine body weight or gentle weight leg workout routines into your warm-up to provide your legs additional quantity at a a lot decrease depth.

Respect Your Kind

Your largest competitors in CrossFit is usually the clock. It’s tempting to cheat your kind to get in these reps. So long as it’s form of proper, the attract of less-than-optimal kind for the sake of shifting sooner is robust.

However particularly when you’re not attempting to compete at an elite degree, the potential dangers of compromising kind for the sake of pace are probably not value it. Taking a couple of additional seconds to make sure that your lifts are all carried out with top-notch high quality can go a great distance towards serving to you’ve extra longevity within the sport.

Mastery Earlier than Load

This one is said to kind, but it surely’s bought its personal CrossFit spin. CrossFit — like powerlifting, weightlifting, and strongman competitions — has guidelines. When you’re a weightlifter including strolling lunges to your program, it’s not a kind crime in case your knee doesn’t contact the bottom for each rep.

However as a CrossFitter, you’ll wish to grasp every transfer in keeping with the game’s basic guidelines. Whereas every competitors and every year could have completely different motion requirements, there are some issues you may usually depend on — for instance, that your knees ought to contact the bottom throughout lunges to keep away from a no-rep.

Practice for that kind of motion precision and mastery earlier than hefting extra weight onto the bar. Your progress would possibly really feel slower, however your whole energy and mobility will profit tremendously. This provides you with a extra environment friendly exercise and holistically construct your health.

Get a Leg Up on Your WODs

Your legs aren’t any small a part of every CrossFit exercise you do. Even WODs which are slanted towards taxing your higher physique are likely to torch your decrease physique, too. Constructing robust legs is a cornerstone of any CrossFitter’s toolbox. Give your self a aggressive edge in your field, within the Open, and even in your personal house fitness center by taking good care of enterprise on leg day.

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